• NO-04, LK-03, Ha Tri, Ha Cau, Ha Dong Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Cutting Installation Time with LIGO BLE – AF Fuel Level Sensor

    Before installing the LIGO BLE sensor, our customer was highly satisfied with the quality of the wired LIGO PRO and found the installation process convenient using the LMC (LIGO Mobile Configurator) device via their phone or iPad.

    Upon the release of the new LIGO BLE product line in 2023, our customer expressed interest in trying out this new sensor. On February 22, 2024, they continued to install the LIGO BLE – AF sensor on their trucks.

    During the installation process, the customer praised the convenience and ease of upgrading to the new sensor model. It allowed their technicians to quickly configure and set up sensor parameters during installation. Checking sensor readings became effortless, requiring only a smartphone in hand.

    Upon completion of the installation, the customer also informed us that the sensor was highly accurate, with significantly lower error rates than anticipated (0.1%).