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    Fuel managerment is an important issue today in the innovation world .Essentially, level sensor makes fuel manage-
    ment solutions much more effcient , economical, and automated. SOJI ELECTRONICS offers a wide range of fuel man-
    agement products dedicated to professional applications.We continously upgrade existing products and launch new
    products to meet our customers’ expectations.If you do not find a product that can meet your requirements, please
    contact us as we may have a solution available



    Qualifications of our engineers and devolopers allow us to make equiment not only for standard tasks in the sphere of transport
    telematics, but also in compliance with the business needs of the automobile fleet owners.
    If you need a non-standard solution , you can send us your requiments specification , or address any questions to our specialists.


    Wide range of accessories which are fully compatible with Soji electronics,.JSC products enormously expands devices
    use cases and create huge added value for your solutions.In case you need a solution that is not on our list – please
    contact us end we will be glad to help.

    Licenses and certificates

    We are always ready to place our
    Equipment at your disposal for testing,
    so that you could under conditions get evidence of the reliability
    of our productsin all their characteristics.