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    SOJI Electronics, JSC was officially established in 2015 with the collaboration of a small team of engineers dedicated to researching and developing fuel level sensors. However, in just over 9 years of operation, SOJI has now become one of the leading manufacturers in this field. The remarkable figures over the past 8 years truly speak for themselves: over 900,000 sensors sold, capturing more than 90% of the domestic market share, exporting to 5 continents, and reaching over 60 countries worldwide. So, why do you think a small company with a late start could achieve this milestone in just 9 years? While other companies in the industry even took up to 20 years to achieve something similar.

    We can start with the story of why SOJI came into existence, even when there were already other sensor companies in the market before. When observing the reality, we noticed that sensor prices, in general, were relatively high and challenging for some consumers to afford. Therefore, we aspired to manufacture our own fuel level sensors, not only with excellent quality but also at a more affordable price so that all customers could access it which is a very cost-effective solution for their business challenges. That is the difference and positive impact that SOJI has made upon entering the market, something that no one had achieved before. Our goal is not merely profit from sensor sales, but the value we seek lies in customer benefit, or the added value to society that we create through these sensors.

    People also ask me what is the secret behind SOJI’s rapid growth. To me, there is not any special secret behind that. In the process of building and expanding SOJI, I have always focused on two key principles: Firstly, we continuously develop and improve product quality to provide the best and most effective solutions for our customers; Secondly, we prioritize the growth of SOJI’s team of employees and strive to create an positive working environment.

    SOJI’s fuel level sensor products are not only the result of the dedicated research efforts of our highly skilled engineering team but also the meticulous efforts of our production department, ensuring exceptional quality. We are committed to consistently finding the best possible solutions for the price-quality equation. Each year, we diligently work to improve quality with optimal costs, continuously testing and inspecting at every stage before introducing new product lines to the market. This is why the warranty claim rate for our LIGO sensor products due to manufacturer’s fault consistently remains below 0.2%.

    I always believe that a successful company isn’t defined by having all highly skilled employees or exceptional top-level managers. At SOJI, we are building a cohesive team of dedicated and hardworking individuals, all striving towards the common goal of making SOJI a leading fuel level sensor manufacturer. To achieve this, we maintain a comfortable and positive working environment where everyone has the space and opportunity to develop their individual capabilities. Some employees have been with the company from its early days, while others joined after gaining experience in various other enterprises. Everyone’s starting point may be different, but now we stand united with a shared objective: to create a powerful team for research, production, and distribution. In the future, we believe that this will be the best motivation to drive even stronger development of SOJI and the LiGO sensor brand in the global sensor market.

    If you are a new supplier, we hope to establish a long-term partnership together. Though our volume of trade may not be high at first, we hope you understand that SOJI truly believes we are starting a long and beneficial relationship in the long run. We aspire to cultivate trust in our collaboration based on the high-quality of our fuel level sensors, accurate delivery times, professional attitudes and wholehearted partner support throughout the working process, along with reasonable sharing of profits. This is the approach we have taken and continue to implement with our suppliers in the past period. And we look forward to extending this collaboration to many new partners in the future. 

     If you are a new customer, we hope that you understand that we sincerely consider our mutual welfare in every deal. We often recommend starting with small orders and gradually progressing to larger ones. Or we can say that our strategy with new customers is centered around gradually developing the mutual understanding necessary for enduring business relationships. Most of our sales come from companies with whom we have had a business relationship for almost 10 years since we started.

    I would like to express my gratitude to all our partners, distributors, customers, and beloved staff for your unwavering support. It is through this support that SOJI has experienced remarkable growth like today. Also I would like to give my heartfelt welcome to future customers of SOJI. With our commitment to delivering quality and reliable products, we genuinely hope to have the opportunity to become a long-term partner in providing sensor management solutions for you.

    The production facilities is more than
    1000+ square meters large

    Research center affiliated with Hanoi Polytechnic university & 1 separate center

    More than 50 research experts

    Production capacity more than 100,000+ products per year


    SOJI Electronics, JSC, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of fuel level sensors which provide telematics solutions for diverse fleet management needs, proudly unveils its newest addition to the product lineup – the BLE Fuel Level Sensor.

    Recognizing that the installation of fuel level sensors still encounters many difficulties and inconveniences despite the growing demand for this technology, SOJI has persistently pursued research and development of new technologies to optimize the installation process for customers. This commitment led to the launch and introduction of the new BLE Fuel Level Sensor to the market.

    So what are the aspects that set this sensor apart from others? The answer lies in its cost-effectiveness and unparalleled ease of installation, making fuel monitoring systems more accessible than ever.

    There is an interesting case study on how SOJI has addressed the issue of sensor installation costs for customers with over 900.000 sensors sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. In 2020, the introduction of the LMC made it possible for installations without the need for a laptop. This helped reduce the investment cost for a technical installation employee from $600 (the average cost of a laptop) to $50 (the cost of an LMC). However, that was not our ultimate solution. In 2023, the introduction of the BLE Fuel Level Sensor allowed for simple installation using just a smartphone. This officially brought the investment cost for sensor installation even down to 0 in the era of mobility in which everyone can now own their own smartphone.

    Not only does the BLE Sensor solve the cost issue, but it also enhances the installation time by making the installation process easier and more convenient. Specifically, this new technology has allowed for a 15% time savings in the installation process compared to before.

    One more surprising aspect is that we still utilize wired technology for the BLE Fuel Level Sensor. This demonstrates its superiority over new wireless sensors in terms of sensor lifespan, which is consistently guaranteed to extend from 8 to 10 years. Moreover, this longevity translates to substantial cost savings for customers, as they won’t be burdened with frequent warranty claims or replacement costs.

    With all these distinctive features, it may raise concerns about the integration capability of this BLE. However, you can be totally assured that it is compatible with almost all popular trackers, seamlessly integrating into existing fleet management systems. This compatibility ensures that fleet managers can leverage their current infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of SOJI’s cutting-edge sensor technology.

    Also, the BLE sensors are manufactured and undergo a rigorous quality control process consisting of 9 steps. 100% of the sensors are continuously tested for 48 hours before being released, with readings from 11 different parameters collected from the sensors. In mid-2021, we released the first batch of sensors to be tested in all climatic zones and installed in different types of equipment. And after 1.5 years, the BLE Fuel Level Sensor was officially completed testing by the end of 2023. As receiving feedback, we made necessary changes in the construction and electronics to make sure this will be the best version that we ever bring into the market.

    With our previous reputable experience in researching and producing sensor products, we are confident that this new BLE product represents a significant breakthrough. It offers an even more effective solution in fuel monitoring for our customers.



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