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    In 2012, a team of talented and experienced engineers cooperated with lecturers from Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Belarus National University to do research, design sensor and robotic…

    After 3 years of successful analysis and testing of LiGO fuel level sensor, SOJI Electronics., JSC was officially established with the aim of commercializing this product.

    Until 2019, LiGO fuel level sensors have been available in more than 20 countries and 4 different continents including: India, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar Poland, USA… SOJI Electronics has become the leading manufacturer and exporter of fuel level sensor in Southeast Asia area. Specifically, in Vietnam market, LiGO sensor occupied only 2% marketshare in 2016. However, after 3 years, the market share has increased dramatically up to 70%. These numbers continue growing steadily over the years.

    The production facilities is more than
    1000+ square meters large

    Research center affiliated with Hanoi Polytechnic university & 1 separate center

    More than 50 research experts

    Production capacity more than 100,000+ products per year

    The journey of ligo sensor over the years

    The success of LiGO fuel sensor also can be seen from the company’s annual revenue growth rate from 2016 to 2019 which was always at three-digit level and reached a peak of 300% in 2019. Besides, the product sales increased rapidly over the past 5 years with 3000, 9000, 17000, 53000, 80000 units accordingly.

    In SOJI Electronics, we take the greatest care in assembling and pay special attention to the quality control in every stage of production process. This is the reason why the warranty claims rate on our fuel sensor products due to manufacturer’s fault is always under 0.2%.

    More than 200,000 sensors have been installed for customers, applying in 7 different Industrial fields. We, SOJI Electronics JSC, with a network of distributors and more than 200 partners around the world, are committed to providing the customers with unmatched product availability and exhaustive engineering and product support.


    Fuel prices and machinery costs go up, so we’re here to help businesses with the best management products and solutions. Our team of experienced engineers can research and produce many different product details, proactively reduce middlemen and have the best price.


    Become the first company to provide solutions for global sensor measurement. Offer quality products to the end of the line with the best price. Helping many businesses have access to management products and best results


    We not only work but also live to help and share kindness to the people, especially to those who need our help the most. We are keeping our values by continuously and courageously creating synergy between Soji Electronics and business partners, as well as clients.

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