SOJI ELECTRONICS, a member of SOJI GROUP OF COMPANIES has experienced engineers that used to be part of New Product Research and Development Department of SOJI GROUP established in 2012. This company implemented successfully some projects like Robot, Automatic Rescue Device, Fuel Level Sensor… In the middle of 2015, Executive Board of SOJI GROUP decided to separate Research and Development Department into a new company which ran independently with the major fields being the research and production of electronic device, sensors…

To the reduce time for research, development and testing process,  SOJI ELECTRONICS signed transfer of technology cooperation and production contract with SOJI GLOBAL CORPORATION in researching and manufacturing fuel level sensor. SOJI ELECTRONICS specializes in fuel level sensor research and development for domestic market and export to other countries in the area.

SOJI ELECTRONICS also signed a number of technology transfer contracts with foreign partners for some products that Company is manufacturing and applying scientifically production management and product quality control process.

In November 2015, Company signed a contract to the supplier of electronic components namely Future Electronics– one of four largest electronic components supplier in the world. The contract lasting two years will not only help Company offer customers the best quality products but also receive direct supplies from Future Electronics’ Canadian engineer teams.

SOJI fuel level sensor was certified by Ministry of Science and Technology in Viet Nam for overcoming tests for index and stability operation in harsh environments like vibration, electromagnetic interference, radio wave…
We hope to offer our customers the best services and products, further export in the world with human resources who are experienced and desire to express themselves.


We have engineers who are experienced, active and relentless creative. We are proud  of  successfully manufacturing products, to illustrate: Automatic Rescuer Device ARD three phase, Rescue Elevator 48VDC-72VDC, elevator control cabinet …, all of which exported to major markets such as the US, Thailand, and the Middle East countries …
Until now, we launch a new product namely SOJI fuel level sensor. We hope to develop globally a product of SOJI brand- the best quality product.


Nowadays, problems related to environment are connected with all human beings, in particular enterprise. SOJI ELECTRONICS, we consider environment, universe as responsibility, we guarantee to offer eco-friendly products.
SOJI GROUP is an environment where Vietnamese talents work together in a healthy and relentlessly creative and innovative environment which is enough challenge to give products and services exported to the universe. This place gathers.
Individual strength to develop a career, a permanent company to contribute a better family, organization and society.



SCHNEIDER STEUERUNGSTECHNIK GMBH opened a representative office in Viet Nam which specialized in distributing LISA 10 elevator control system made by Germany according to Europe standards EN81, EN12015 and EN12016.


With market growth potentials of elevator in Viet Nam, SCHNEIDER STEUERUNGSTECHNIK GMBH decided to establish LiSA Control technology co., ltd which distributed elevator for companies in Viet Nam. LiSA was one of the companies that provided the first elevator control system in Vietnamese market according to Europe standards originated by Germany.


With a transfer agreement with the STEUERUNGSTECHNIK SCHNEIDER GMBH, LiSA became 100% owned by the Vietnamese and was distributed exclusively Lisa Schneider elevator control system in Viet Nam.


Lisatech became the exclusive distributor of the ELIT-Italy, focused on market frequency converter 50Hz / 60Hz / 400Hz for the Air Force, Navy, Marine Police and shipbuilding.


Lisatech became the official distributor of Riello UPS Italy – the fourth largest company UPS product in the world.

Exported to Haiti, Thailand and Malaysia market.


After a long process of negotiations, Lisatech became the official distributor of Yaskawa – Japan that specializes products inverter, Servo, Robot …

Established elevator control system assembly based on Lisa Schneider and Yaskawa to export to the countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Member company Soji TECHNOLOGY company limited (Soji TECH) was established in order to research, develop and primarily serve the domestic market and export.

SOJITECH elevator rescue occupied 60-70% that of elevator rescue market of domestic elevator assembly companies and some foreign companies in Viet Nam.

Signed contracts with partners Thailand for the distribution of SOJITECH elevator rescue in Thailand.


Signed exclusive distribution agreement and technical services in Vietnam with SINEPOWER- Portugal which specializes in  converter product 50Hz / 60Hz / 400Hz.


Member SOJI INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established, specializing in trade, supply and installation of electrical systems, automation in industrial fields, coal mining, thermoelectricity and construction.


Member SOJI ELECTRONICS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (SOJI ELECTRONICS JSC) was established, specializing in R & D and manufacture sensors for the first commercialization product namely fuel level sensors.

Signed transfer of technology cooperation and production contract with SOJI GLOBAL company for researching and manufacturing the fuel level sensor (Fuel Level Sensor). SOJI ELECTRONICS specializes in the research, development and manufacture of sensors for domestic market and export to other countries in the area.


SOJI ELECTRONICS ‘s Board of director integrated with other employees incessantly strive toward relying on strengths, innovation, and initiative with the great purpose: dominate No1 in the Asia market.


Our mission is to promote the highest capacity of staff resources to bring our customers the products and innovative services ” staggering


Pride and most valuable asset is our collective management staff, customer support, team design, manufacture and installation of many years experience and are trained by well-known manufacturers on the world. We are constantly improving to make a difference in the market through the provision of high quality products, safe and convenient for our customers. The team of engineers and technicians are trained, trained regularly. Every year, we have training courses at home and abroad, ensuring that officers and employees of the technical level steady. With project management experience and technical capability to best combine originality, creativity constantly, advanced technology and dedication, we look forward to bringing the best quality products to customers .


At Soji GROUP , we maximize the creative spirit and a commitment to the environment and society to contribute better benefits for society , for humanity and for the Earth , but not limited to business development and profitable growth . Lisa wants to become a contributor to the development of sustainable and good for customers , employees and society. Our commitments in a work environment and a healthy business of the company , the staff collective , social activity with the community to contribute more to the development of society. Each year , a portion of profits and Lisa’s effort to make the social and surrounding communities a better place.