1. New product LIGO SP

New product LIGO SP has been designed by the company since 2016 and started testing customers’ installation from the beginning of 2017. By November 2018, the company has officially introduced a new product line with many properties, durable and protected at a higher level.

Some highlight features:

  • Easy to install and reliable than the old version
  • Plastic lid on the sensor head is redesigned to operate in harsher environments
  • The sensor base is replaced with metal instead of plastic, ensuring a longer lifespan, especially in agitation environments.
  • Circuit measuring internal temperature reaches higher accuracy
  1. New product LIGO SP PRO

LIGO SP PRO product has been introduced and officially sold in December 2018 with many highlight features focusing on the design of the board to help the sensor work better.

Some highlight features:

– Wide operating voltage range (7.5 – 75V).

– Isolation of input and output signals (voltage isolation up to 2500V)

– For the AF sensor type, the output signal is unaffected by the input signal even if the input voltage is low