Đăng ngày: 16/01/2016
Elon Musk’s Space Dream Almost Killed Tesla
SpaceX started with a plan to send mice to Mars. It got crazier from ther
Đăng ngày: 18/01/2016
How Fujifilm’s cameras and lenses are Made in Japan
“Made in Japan.” It’s seen as a badge of quality inside and outside the country, as well as an indicator that you’re probably paying a bit more. But what does it actually mean? When Fujifilm, a company that proudly etches “Made in Japan” onto almost all of its mirrorless cameras, invited me to its Taiwa
Đăng ngày: 23/11/2015
Design , manufacture products , control system
With a team of experienced engineers and high technology , we have been implementing a number of projects related to the field of electronics , automation , especially in the field of control . Becoming partners with several companies like Avnet , Atmel , Arrow ... will help significantly reduce the time of research, product development using these reference designs are available (reference design ) besides raising high stability of the product or system .
Đăng ngày: 23/11/2015
How is the battery charging technology 3 stage ?
The commonly used types of lead battery charging steady flow method ( CC ) and voltage regulator ( CV ) , charging time can last from 12-16 hours or even longer than 36-48 hours. with the use of multi-stage charging technology (multi - stage ) charging time can drop to 8-12 hours ...