Product development starts with the needs analysis of our customers and dealers. The research team continually monitors the market, researches for new technologies and components, sets the standards for new products and ensures compliance with the current legislation. Constant technical support of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers of components ensures state of the art engineering solutions. All this gives us an edge and helps to make sure that we are one step ahead of our competitors.

The next stage of development is conducted by the design-engineering department. This team deals with the immediate development of products and the circuit design. A team of professional design engineers implements the requirements of the research phase, extends products’ functionality, introduces new technologies and components into the system and cuts off dead-end solutions. Development is conducted on the basis of the latest hardware and software. The team uses a wide range of measuring and testing equipment from the leading manufacturers. Extensive use of 3D printing technology and 3D-prototyping during the development of cases and PCBs allows us to check the design elements quickly and make changes to the product well before the start of batch production