Once the unit has been designed and tested, it goes into production.

Professional engineers supervise and optimize the manufacturing process for all stages of the production. The production starts with the application of solder paste to PCB using screen and stencil printer integrated in the production line. The next step is provided with MYDATA automatic and precision high-speed chip mounters. Optimal task assignment between mounters provides dramatic performance increase of production line. Due to careful timing, PCBs are delivered from one mounter into the next mounter without interruption of operating process for a moment. Sojji electronics is one of the first manufacturers in Vietnam using SMT Technology in production.

Nowadays it is the most innovative and advanced technology, which is used for soldering.Due to this fact the optimum temperature is ensured at all component positions, excluding over- and underheatings, which is typical for conventional soldering systems. Automated conveyor connecting all units of the production line together is responsible for automatic waiting queue and delivery of printed boards from one unit to others.

The assembling quality control is the essential part of our production. Application of automated optical inspection machine by NORDSON reliably minimizes the risk of manufacturing defect. When any fault or unreliable joint is captured it is shown on the display of the computer, as well as the fault is reported to an operator. In complex conditions, we use XT V 160 electronics X-ray inspection machine, which allows to look inside the PCB and its components. The last step – multiphase PCB test using hi-tech equipment is guaranty of the high quality of our products.