In 2012, a team of talented and experienced engineers cooperated with lecturers from Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Belarus National University to do research, design sensor and robotic…

After 3 years of successful analysis and testing of LiGO fuel level sensor, SOJI Electronics., JSC was officially established with the aim of commercializing this product.

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Once the unit has been designed and tested, it goes into production. Professional engineers supervise and optimize the manufacturing process for all stages of the production. The production starts with the application of solder paste to PCB using screen and stencil printer integrated in the production line. The next step is provided with MYDATA automatic and precision high-speed chip mounters. Optimal task assignment between mounters provides dramatic performance increase of production line. Due to careful timing, PCBs are delivered from one mounter into the next mounter without interruption of operating process for a moment…Read more


With a team of experienced engineers and high technology, we have been deploying a number of projects related to the field of electronics, automation, especially in the field of control…

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