New product LIGO SP-capacitive fuel level sensor


  • New product LIGO SP has been designed by the company since 2016 and started testing installation for customers from the beginning of 2017. By November 2018, the company officially introduced a new product line with many outstanding features, durable and protected at a higher level.
  • Some outstanding features:
  • -Easy to install and more robust than the old version
  •  The plastic layer of sensor coating l is redesigned to operate in more harsh environments
  •  The sensor base is replaced with metal instead of plastic, ensuring a longer lifespan, especially in vibrated
  •  The internal temperature measurement electronics board achieves higher accuracy (error ≤0.6 ° C)
  • New product LIGO SP Pro- fuel level sensor high accuracy
  • LIGO SP Pro product was introduced and officially sold in 12/2018 with many outstanding advantages focused on the design of the electronics board to help the sensor work better.
  • Some features enable
  •  Wide operating voltage range (7.5 – 75V).
  •  Isolation of input and output signals (voltage isolation up to 2500V)
  •  For the AF sensor type, the output signal isn’t  affected by the input signal even when the input voltage is low.
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  • Beside we have LIGO AF- fuel level sensor